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Who is Jesus?

At Passion Community Church,
we find Jesus irresistible.

We think that as you learn more about Jesus–who he was, what he taught, and what he’s done for us–your life will be changed.

We seek to follow Jesus, who was a real person who walked the earth over 2000 years ago and who was also divine–God in human form.  Jesus knows what it’s like to be us–to do life here, to be misunderstood, rejected, betrayed, and harmed. He invites us to to come and to see for ourselves who he is and what he has planned for us and our world.  

Jesus’s desire is for all of us, regardless of race, cultural background, gender, or position in society, to know him.

Jesus, the Son of God, loved us so much that he came to earth to teach us and to die for us, so that we could be forgiven.  Even though Jesus was executed on a cross, he did not stay dead, but came back to life. As he overcame death with life, he offers us the same opportunity to live full lives now and forever.  

It’s a life of purpose and passion.

Following Jesus looks like worshiping him at church, connecting with other Christ followers in community, making his church happen every week, and sharing his love, justice, and grace with others.  It’s a life of purpose and passion. That’s what we hope for you!

To learn more about who Jesus really is, engage in Growth Track.

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