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Do Good for Your Community

Do Good for Your Community

Changed people help change people.

We must be willing to follow.

We must be willing to listen to His voice.

We must GO and DO, right now.


  • Bring lunch or snacks to first responders
  • Leave a special note and/or treat for your delivery person at your home or office.
  • Make a family fun kit (s’mores, popcorn pack w/movie rental code) for your neighbors.
  • Grab some gloves and a trash bag. Walk around your neighborhood or local park and pick up trash. Feel free to pause and encourage any neighbors you see along the way!
  • Offer to buy classroom supplies for a teacher that you know (many have amazon wish lists).
  • Make a “sunshine kit” for someone who may need cheering up.
  • Collect and donate food to local food banks. Bring to church on Sundays in June!
  • Hold a free garage sale, or consider charging for items and donating the funds.
  • Do lawn work for an elderly person or single parent.
  • Place American flags at a veteran’s cemetery.
  • Host a free car wash for a local school or in the community.
  • Serve bottled water at a local sports practices or events.
  • Instead of Christmas caroling, sing other songs at nursing home windows.
  • Spread cheer at your local hospital for staff & patients with signs, free donuts, etc.
  • Have kids draw special pictures. Use these as wrapping paper—tuck inside a piece of wrapped candy or a silk flower, along with a note like “Thanks for being so nice!” or “You made my day!” Then keep these in a bag and when you’re out together, stay on the lookout for a nice cashier, helpful librarian, or kind friend to hand out your surprise packages.
  • Write letters to deployed service members through
  • Give out coffee and donuts at a local college campus.
  • Deliver fresh flowers to a local nursing home. Make cards for the residents and the health care providers. Pray for them on the way to deliver the surprises.
  • Spread some joy by grabbing some chalk and decorate the sidewalks of your neighborhood. A simple word of encouragement or drawing can go a long way!
  • Notice a neighbor in need of something? Maybe the lawn mowed, a tree removed or some home repair? Maybe your neighbor is in need of a meal, or some cookies, or some encouragement in the form of balloons or flowers. Look around your street, your apartment building, or your neighborhood and see where you can offer your services or leave an encouraging surprise.

Don’t forget to snap a photo or video and share on your campus Facebook group so we can celebrate with you! You can also share it on social media and tag @pccwired or @passioncommunitychurch.

Be the Change

Change happens—it’s inevitable.

But it’s not enough to just be changed.

In order to live the fullest lives possible, we need to understand that changed people help change people, that we are called to “be the change.” In this message from Teaching Pastor Elijah Schiarelli, discover three tangible “how’s” for practically being the change.

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