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wait, what?

One of the greatest tensions in the world today is that everyone thinks they have THE answer. That they’re RIGHT. 

People often associate the Christian faith as a list of ways to act and what’s right.

But that’s not it AT ALL.

It’s following Jesus—
a way of life.


These questions we try to answer—they speak to life. Every person on earth asks these questions at some point. The Christian faith, as evidenced by Jesus and our traditions, gives us a framework to wrestle with these questions and deal with what life offers.

So here we are. What’s your burning question? 

                 Why does the Bible matter? 

      Is Life an Accident? 

                   Why do bad things happen to good people?

Why can’t God just accept me as I am? 

             Isn’t only one way to God narrow-minded?

  Are heaven and hell real?

                    What does it mean to be forgiven?

wait, what?

Sundays, September 13- October 25

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