How do I find out what volunteer opportunities are available?

CLICK HERE to select one of our five ministry areas that interests you. You’ll be guided to a form where you can view and select volunteer opportunities within that area. Once you submit the form, a ministry leader will be in touch with you to answer your questions, provide more information, and help you determine if you’ve found the fit for you!

If you’re unsure which of our five volunteer areas to choose, keep a lookout on our events page for the next VolunTOUR at your campus. This is a quick and easy way to get oriented with the many opportunities we have available.

How do I know what volunteer position I’d be good at?

At PCC, we believe that God has given each of us gifts to help build the church and extend His love and compassion to the world. Consider taking this Spiritual Gifts Assessment to clarify your gifts. Then CLICK HERE to select the area that matters most to you and complete the interest form. If you’re still unsure of a particular position, share your spiritual gifts assessment with the ministry leader that contacts you. That person will be happy to talk with you about your assessment, help you evaluate your options, and even help you try different things until you find something that is a fit for you.

What if the volunteer position I try isn’t for me?

We encourage everyone to do a “First Serve.” Try out a position once—observe others doing the role and pitch in as needed—before deciding if you’d like to sign-up to be on the rotation. If what you observe isn’t for you, simply sign up for another “First Serve.” If needed, your ministry contact will be happy to help you determine what your next “First Serve” might be, even if it’s in a different ministry area.

How often will I volunteer?

Frequency depends upon the role and the campus. However, the majority of our Sunday volunteers serve on a once-per-month or every-other-week rotation. Other positions serve as needed or for special projects and events. Whatever your availability, we can find a place for you!

Will I have to miss church to volunteer?

At our campuses that have more than one weekend service, we encourage you to attend one service and volunteer at another. The 5pm service at our Powhatan Campus is also an option for those who serve at morning services, as well as those who serve at campuses with only one service.

What will I wear?

That depends on the area of service, but wherever you are, we want you to be comfortable! Some ministries will provide specific instructions or guidelines as needed. Also, please where whatever your team leader gives you to identify you as a volunteer—a nametag, a lanyard, a t-shirt, etc.

What if I’m interested in leadership?

We are passionate about leadership! Please speak with a ministry leader in the area that interests you.

What happens when I have a scheduling conflict?

When you know in advance, we ask that you find a fellow volunteer to switch with you. When something comes up last minute, please contact your ministry leader asap.

How long will I volunteer in a position?

We want our volunteers to serve in a spot they love and to be healthy. When you need a break for a season, please let your ministry leader know. Also, when you’re ready to get back in the game, please jump back in, or setup a First Serve for a new position.