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More from Pastor Vernon Gordon on Ending Racism

Extended Interview

Experience the extended conversation on how we can take steps toward ending racism, prejudice, and the system of white privilege, and move toward acceptance and understanding. Pastors Vernon Gordon (The Life Church RVA) and Brian C. Hughes (Passion Community Church) candidly discuss their histories, influences, biases, and revelations.

IGTV Series on Race & Religion

Recently, Vernon detailed some of his experiences being Black in America. Click below to check them out.

Black in America pt. 1

Black in America pt. 2

Black in America pt. 3

Black in America pt. 4

Black in America pt. 5

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Race. Justice.
Reconciliation. Jesus.

Have you found yourself asking the question, “What do I do now?”

Let’s explore, together, our hearts, our history, and our theology, while providing a safe space for questions and ongoing engagement. Together, we dedicate the month of June to healthy conversation and community.
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