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Small Group Interest Form

Small groups are where real life happens, where you can get real with others and build relationships that matter. Whether you’re looking for a group or already have friends or family around you and just need help getting started, complete our short form, and one of our awesome team members will be in touch within the next 48 hours.

If you have additional questions or need to talk with someone in the meantime, you can email us at or call the church office at 804-598-1174.

  • Your group will meet only once per week, at most; however if you have multiple days that could work, this will expand our options for finding a great group fit.
  • Please select all that apply.
  • If you prefer people in your age range, a women's or men's group, marriage focus, etc., please list here.
  • To lead, you simply need space for 6-12 people or be willing to lead a discussion online or at your local campus. There's no pressure here at all. We simply don't want to miss the opportunity to form new groups if you are open to the possibility.

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