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Doubt is part of every person’s faith journey.

Even the most devoted people of faith struggle at times. In fact, in the past few years, a growing number of people are diving into the “deconstruction” of their faith—some to walk away completely from a faith that once seemed unshakable for them, while others discover an even richer, sounder, and unwavering faith. 

Examining one’s faith isn’t, in and of itself, a  negative thing.

But to truly deconstruct our faith, we must pull it apart to identify what’s at its core—then move toward RECONSTRUCTING it. Do we have THE critical elements of a grounded, unshakeable faith? Are we missing something? Why do some people persevere through doubt, questions, and tragedy with their faith in tact (or stronger) and others do not? 

PCC invites you to examine, to contemplate, and to reconstruct your faith by ensuring that THE critical components are present. Find certainty that:

when doubts come (because they will)

when questions arise (because we all have them)

when life goes bad (because no one is exempt)…


…our faith can be unwavering.


New Series, January 3-31

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