Genesis, July 27-August 2

I hope you enjoyed this week’s message on Abraham.  As you face difficult decisions, may you respond with courage and patience.
Sunday, July 27–Genesis 26:1-16
Monday, July 28–Genesis 26:17-35
Tuesday, July 29–Genesis 27:1-40
Wednesday, July 30–Genesis 27:41-28:9
Thursday, July 31–Genesis 28:10-22
Friday, August 1–Genesis 29:1-14
Saturday, August 2–Genesis 29:15-35

Genesis, July 20-26

Sorry for posting this late.  I hope you’ve been able to continue reading in Genesis.
Sunday, July 20–Genesis 22:1-24
Monday, July 21–Genesis 23:1-20
Tuesday, July 22–Genesis 24:1-27
Wednesday, July 23–Genesis 24:28-49
Thursday, July 24–Genesis 24:50-67
Friday, July 25–Genesis 25:1-18
Saturday, July 26–Genesis 25:19-34

Genesis, July 13-19

Week of July 13:  Genesis 18-21
Suggested daily readings:
Sunday, July 13:  Genesis 18:1-15
Monday, July 14:  Genesis 18:16-33
Tuesday, July 15:  Genesis 19:1-29
Wednesday, July 16:  Genesis 19:30-38
Thursday, July 17:  Genesis 20:1-18
Friday, July 18:  Genesis 21:1-21
Saturday, July 19:  Genesis 21:22-34

Genesis, July 6-12

Week of July 6:  Genesis 13-17
Suggested daily readings:
Sunday, July 6:  Genesis 13:1-18
Monday, July 7:  Genesis 14:1-16
Tuesday, July 8:  Genesis 14:17-24
Wednesday, July 9:  Genesis 15:1-21
Thursday, July 10:  Genesis 16:1-15
Friday, July 11:  Genesis 17:1-14
Saturday, July 12:  Genesis 17:15-27

Genesis Plan, June 29-July 5

As you’re hearing the Sunday messages from Genesis and reading along at home, I hope your understanding of who God is and how He relates to you and to me is growing.
This week we heard about how much God loves us–enough to suffer like a parent watching his kids make poor choices so that we can have life.  The readings this week will wrap up the story of Noah and include two more popular and important stories from Genesis–The Tower …

Genesis Plan, June 22-28

I hope you’re learning about God, his world, and his people with our Genesis series.  If you’re reading along daily, then here are the suggested readings:
Sunday, June 22:  Genesis 4:1-16
Monday, June 23:  Genesis 4:17-26
Tuesday, June 24:  Genesis 5:1-32
Wednesday, June 25:  Genesis 6:1-10
Thursday, June 26:  Genesis 6:11-22
Friday, June 27:  Genesis 7:1-24
Saturday, June 28:  Genesis 8:1-22
Did you try a Sabbath last week?  Did you disconnect from your phone?  How’d it go?
If you miss a Sunday service as you travel this summer, then …

Genesis, June 15-21

We are excited to examine some of the raw, uncensored, and real stories in Genesis this summer.  There are only 12 Sundays for this series, and there are A LOT more than 12 stories worth exploring in Genesis.  So, let’s read all of this first book of the Bible!  If you’ve never read the Bible before, then Genesis is a fascinating, dramatic, important place to start.  We’ve broken down the 50 chapters of Genesis into sections that you can read …

Genesis Reading Plan is Coming!

That’s right! Coming June 15, 2014, we’ll begin our new summer series GENESIS. Learn more at
Beyond just the Sunday messages, let’s read through Genesis together! Stay tuned for a weekly reading plan, including daily excerpt suggestions and discussion questions. We’ll post as we approach June 15.
For other reading plans, please see our “Welcome to Read With PCC” post.