Read the Bible in 2018!

There is nothing you can do that will be more transforming than to read the Bible every day.  But most people don’t.  Even when we intend to do it, other things get in the way.  We’re tired.  Or we’re busy.  Or we don’t understand what we’re reading.  Whatever the reason, we give up.  Our good intentions are pushed aside like the other noble goals we set.  Reading the Bible every day remains on many of our bucket lists, yet to be achieved.

Let’s remedy that in 2018!  YOU are invited to join me in an adventure that is sure to change your life.  In 6 days, on January 7, we will begin a this great adventure together – reading the Bible every day.  I offer you 2 plans – one more intense than the other, both very good, and one of them is the right one for you!  PLUS, I offer you a forum for regular discussion to keep you motivated.  Here’s how it will work:

1.  Sign up on  This is completely FREE.  You can go there through your computer or through the app.


2.  Friend me on or the Bible app.  I am Brian.C.Hughes (NOTE: This is my NEW profile.  Long story…but if you’re friends with me under my old profile, it’s no longer active).

3.  Pick a Plan:

Plan Option 1: Discipleship Journal’s 5x5x5 Reading Plan.   5 minutes per day, 5 days per week, 5 ways to dig deeper.  This is a one year plan that will take you through the New Testament 1 chapter at a time.  If you’ve never read the Bible before, this could be the plan for you.  The lower time commitment makes this more likely you’ll stay with it, plus you get 2 days ‘off’  every week that allow you to catch up if you get behind.  This is a great accomplishment if you finish this plan!  If you select this plan, click ‘Start this Plan’, Choose the ‘By Myself’ option, then choose January 7 as your start day.

Plan Option 2The One Year Bible.  I have done this plan before.  Most days you’ll get an Old Testament text, a New Testament text, a Psalm and a Proverb.  This plan is 7 days a week (you don’t get a break) and it takes 20-30 minutes each day (well, it takes me that long.  I’m not a particularly fast reader).   If you’ve always wanted to read the entire Bible and you’re ready for a more serious commitment to it, we can do it together.  I’ll be honest:  this one is hard.  I did it last time in 366 days, and I got behind once.  Catching up is really challenging, so don’t sign up unless you’re committed to it! If you select this plan, click ‘Start this Plan’, Choose the ‘By Myself’ option, then choose January 7 as your start day.

4. Join the Facebook Discussion Group. You can do that here or search for Read the Bible 2018.  Request to join the group.

5. IF you are NOT on Facebook, you can be a part of the discussion group for your plan with me on the Bible app.  Send me an email at, ask me for the link and I’ll send it to you.  NOTE:  There is a limit to how many people can be in a Bible app group, so please join the FB group if you can.

In BOTH discussion groups, I’ll moderate the conversation, nudge you, ask questions and it will be really exciting!

That’s it.  It’ll take you 5 minutes to do these steps and we’ll be on our way to a life-changing journey.  Can’t wait to see what God does in your life and in mine this year as we faithfully read and study the Bible in 2018!

Would you prefer a printable copy of these plans? Check out the links below!
Plan Option 1: Discipleship Journal’s 5x5x5 Reading Plan
Plan Option 2: The One Year Bible

Pathway Bookmark specially designed to help you process your Bible reading and pray.

5 Responses to “Read the Bible in 2018!”

  1. James Mustian

    Got it. You can delete those haha

  2. Stephanie Collier

    I started reading the Bible every day after a sermon you did on giving time to God. I’m not sure if it was a new one or an archive one, but it stuck with me. I’ve made it part of my morning routine, and I started at Matthew (because you said that was a good place to start if you’d never read the Bible before, and I’d failed every time I tried), and I’m very excited to say that I’m now on Exodus!! Revelations was TOUGH to read, and some of these Old Testament chapters are rough (I’ll be honest, I skim the family tree ones), but I’m doing pretty good at reading at least a chapter a day! I’m not sure if I’m going to join one of these plans because I don’t know if I want to start over, and I can’t commit to the more intensive plan, but I joined the FB page and friended you on the Bible app! One thing I started doing recently is making pictures out of verses that stick out to me, which you can do right in the app! I’m amazed at how much I’ve gotten since I made the commit to do this every day. It’s my me and God time and I miss it when I don’t do it! Thanks for setting this up! Happy New Year!

  3. Debbe Duffie

    I am going with Plan Option 2. Not sure what else I need to do.

  4. Brandy

    I can’t find where to search for you on the app…

    • Fred Mashburn

      Brandy in the top right corner clink on the 3rd icon from the right it looks like the bust of 2 people.


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