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Pray First

“Pray continually”

1 Thessalonians 5:17

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21 Days of Prayer

There are several components that are important for knowing about God – like reading the Bible and being a part of church. But nothing can substitute for the conversation with God. Filling your soul will not come just through knowledge, but through relationship, and relationship is connection through conversation.

Even though people suspect or know it’s important, many of them aren’t doing it, and here are a few common reasons:

They don’t know how to pray.
They don’t know why to pray.
They don’t have an adequate model for prayer.

That’s what these 21 days are all about. Together we will learn how and why we should pray and get opportunities and prompts to pray throughout the 21 days. As we practice seeking Him first, we believe we will start to see the power of prayer impact our relationships, work, and families.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is actually happening every day?
A: We’ll be teaching about prayer on Sunday mornings – how to do it, who you’re talking to, and why it matters. Then, Monday through Friday, we will gather at every physical campus and online at 7 a.m. to pray together. (On Saturdays, we’ll meet at 9 a.m.) For those six days every week, we’ll worship through music, hear a short devotional, and then we’ll have some time for all of us to practice praying.

Q: Will it be online? if so how do I get to it?
A: Yes! It will be live-streamed each day on our online platform, and Monday-Saturday will also be live streamed on our Facebook and YouTube channels.

Q: Do I have to stay the whole time?
A: You do not need to stay for the entire time. We understand that many people will have to drop off kids at school or leave early for work. If you need to leave early, you can catch the rest of the service on our Youtube channel.

Q: Can I go back and watch it later?
A: Yes! The services will be posted on our YouTube channel!

Q: Is there childcare?
A: Childcare will not be not offered. Parents are welcome to pray with their children; what a wonderful way for kids to learn how to pray! Children don’t have to be silent; the rooms will not be silent and somber. And at the same time, we expect parents to make sure that their kids do not interrupt the prayer experiences of others.



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