PCC’s FIRST Disaster relief trip Info


It’s hard to imagine how devastating these floods have been in Texas, Florida and Puerto Rico.  We all want to help, but there is so much that needs to be done.

PCC’s Disaster Relief leadership team has been working very hard to determine the best way that we can help. After collecting HUNDREDS of hygiene kits, we are now heading to Houston to help begin the cleanup process. Basic info is below as well as the primary contact information if you’re interested in going.

1. Dates- Leave October 28, 2017 and returning November 5, 2017.

2. Each person to pay $500, which covers transportation, hotel’s to and from Tx, $60 meals while in Tx. and miscellaneous expenses.

3. Each person will have to take the Virginia Baptist online training class, first class is $25. *Required

4. Each person will have to fill out a V.B.A. waiver form. *Required

5. We highly recommend that people get their tetanus shot update. Also consider the flu shot as we will be staying in a group setting in the church.

6. People with interest to go can go HERE to learn more or email PCC’s Disaster Recover team leader, Dan Layne, at dan.layne@pccwired.net

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