Do you want to embark on a journey with God, but you’re not sure where to start? Do you wish you knew some basics about God, the Bible and what God wants you to do? Sign up for Pathway classes offered at all campuses, including Online – where you’ll discover your journey to Belong, Believe, Become, and Bless!


Find the answers and take your next step with PCC’s Pathway!

The Pathway consists of 5 classes through which you’ll learn how to belong, believe, become, and bless.


We all want to belong, and the good news is, we all DO belong. We belong to the God who created us, and in this class, also known as PCC 101, we will discuss belonging to His church and to small groups, where real church happens.



What we believe about Jesus and how we learn about Jesus are the foundations of faith. In these two¬†classes, Bible 101 and Believe 101, we’ll explore overviews of the Bible and beliefs about Jesus–who He is, who we are, and how we relate.



The spiritual journey is one of becoming. Once we decide to follow Jesus, we never stop becoming who He created us to be. In this class, Become 101, we’ll learn practical ways to become a Christ follower through Bible study and prayer.



God blesses us, and in turn, we are to bless our world. In this class, Bless 101, learn how God has created you to bless others with how you live your life and serve your church, your community, and our world.


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