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We are stepping out in faith — we invite you to come with us!

Make sure you visit our MORE UPDATES PAGE for progress pictures and upcoming events. We’ll also share how we are tracking toward our goals and all that God is doing through your willingness to do MORE.


Every follower of Jesus has a story – the evidence of MORE manifested in their lives. And when our stories intertwine, they create an opportunity for God’s glory to to show others that their lives can have more impact than they’ve ever desired, through the God who is more than they ever imagined.



“I want God to fully deliver my life to be whatever He envisions it to be. This is only the next logical step…”


“I choose to give to PCC because, why wouldn’t I? I am proud to partner with their vision. In the Bible, Jesus tells us to go and do greater things than He has done and when I see people in my community taking that command and going forward with it, I want to partner with that.”

Jimmy & Brenda

“There have been times in our lives where we’ve stepped out on faith and we’ve committed to give what we didn’t know we would have, but God has blessed it in so many ways. I look back on that now and I see, wow, we gained so much more than we gave and it was worth it.”


“I came to PCC on the recommendation of one of my closest friends. It was during a time in my life where I was seeking direction, guidance, and most importantly, a place to belong.

I found all of those things and more than I could have ever imagined here at PCC. Our church does an excellent job creating a safe space where people from all walks of life can come and explore their faith free of embarrassment or judgment.

Whereever a person might be on their faith journey, they can take a step on their walk with Jesus at their own pace. I’m excited for the future of PCC because our church constantly pushed the envelope to reach as many people as we can to spread God’s word. Being a part of that constant push to do more is an inspiring mission!”


“I came to PCC seeking a better walk with God and a way to be closer to my family. Not only did I find the walk I was looking for but also my family has become part of the PCC family and their walk is growing along with mine. I’m excited for the future of PCC because, if this is happening with my family, I can only imagine how other lives are and will be impacted. I believe I have found a church home for me and my family during my time incarcerated, and also for my time after release.”


“Before coming to church, I was selfish. I heard about PCC through a lot of people, and all these people kept inviting me. One day I looked at my wife and said something about church, and we just walked through the doors. I felt like I’d been there my whole life. The message was to love everybody no matter what, and even though I didn’t fully believe in Jesus yet, that was something I could get behind. Through this whole journey I’ve learned that I don’t have to be perfect. Through the support of the people around you, it’s easier to be better every day. Now, with Jesus, I feel like my life has more purpose and my family life has more purpose. We can do it with the love and support of God and this community. God has given me strength and peace through tough times; I’ve realized that it’s not all me.”


“Our family has never been so excited to attend church and be involved! We love the authenticity and commitment to excellence. The culture here accepts you as you are, yet inspires you to grow closer to Christ. With an environment like this, our future is limitless!”


“I’m so excited to see Jesus working in and through the church. I’m excited to see Jesus’ light shining through our church and touching so many more people as we grow. I am confident that God is doing amazing things through our church and as a direct result of that, people’s lives are being impacted in a positive way locally and globally. These are God-sized changes and, clearly, His hands are all over us!”


“PCC is a place where life happens, a place where many are surprised and happy to realize that they are not alone. Others have been through the  same struggles, challenges, and tribulations some of us are facing today and they are still standing, full of hope and trust that the God who started the good work in them will perform it until the day of Jesus Christ.

I was hungry and thirsty when I arrived to PCC; I wanted real food and had been looking for it in different churches without success. The day we visited the Midlothian Campus, we were about to give up, but God used the senior pastor to speak to us about a challenge we were facing. The following weeks, we received more directives; for all of us, it was clear that we have reached home!

It is important to me because in the last year, I have seen more growth in my family than the previous 12 years combined. We are at home and are proud to be part of such a large and loving PCC’s family.”

Tell your story of how God is doing MORE both in and through you! Share it below or post it on social media using #MORE. Who will experience MORE as you share all that God has done in your life?

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