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Over the next two years, every gift given at every PCC campus will go to ONE FUND to help us
reach people Here, Near, and Far away.

You may have participated in church campaigns in the past where you were asked to give a second gift “above and beyond” your regular giving. In fact, we’ve done that as part of our Change the Story and Building Fund campaigns that have enabled us to do great things! What we’ve found is that “over and above” giving is potentially confusing to people who don’t have a baseline for their “normal giving,” especially to those who have not yet engaged in giving.

MORE brings all the ministries of Passion Community Church together into one fund over the next two years. Think of it this way: Passion Community Church is one church, with one mission, operating with one fund.


$2.5 MILLION X 2 + $2.95 MILLION = $7.95 MILLION

We’ve included a sample Commitment Card below, so you can see how a one-fund initiative works. This card is available at your local campus.


As you pray and seek how God is prompting you to participate in MORE, use this gift chart as a tool. Let it inspire and challenge you toward greater generosity as we follow God’s calling on our church to reach more!

How to Fill Out a Commitment Card

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