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Why now?

It’s always a great question to ask ‘is this the right time?’  Our answer is simple: When God moves, we’re called to follow. We really believe that the MORE initiative is how God is asking us to prepare for the amazing things He’ll do in the future.

How long is my commitment?

MORE is a two-year initiative and will run through November 2021. We encourage you to fulfill your commitment with gifts of whatever size and frequency make the most sense for you within that time frame.

What are the dates and when will I make a commitment? When do I start giving?

The public phase of MORE is October 13 through November 10, 2019.  At church on November 10, 2019, everyone will make their commitments. We are calling it Commitment Sunday

Then, we have two weeks to get everything in order, so that we can give our collective first gifts to MORE on Sunday, November 24, 2019.  We are calling it Celebration Sunday! This will begin the two years of the MORE initiative. For a list of important initiative dates, visit our EVENTS PAGE.

Is this part of my regular giving?

Giving to MORE through the ONE FUND means that everything – our operating budget, kids and student ministry, mission work, campus expansion projects, and all other ministry – will all be funded through this initiative. It’s an opportunity to trust God and take the next right step in your generosity.  So yes, everything you give is a part of the MORE initiative.

What if I am new or have never given to PCC?

Generosity is all about taking the next right step, so if you’ve never given before, MORE is a great place to start. We believe there’s no more significant mission than helping people find hope in Jesus, and we invite everyone to live it out with us.

Why fill out a commitment card?

The card represents a way for you to consider how God wants to use you to help more people find hope. It’s more than just a number; it’s a symbol of your commitment to what God is doing in your life and in the lives of others. When we commit together, it will help us celebrate AND it will help us plan responsibly. For an example of what the commitment card looks like, visit our ONE FUND page.

What are other ways to give?

Many will give out of their income, generously making the MORE initiative a priority on a weekly or monthly basis.  However, you can also give things like stocks, real estate, or other assets. There could also be substantial tax benefits to giving an asset instead of selling it and giving the proceeds.  Contact our central office at 804-598-1174 for more information on these ways to give to MORE.

How can I give?

We have several options for giving. The easiest option is to give online at, or through the PCC App that is available on all mobile devices. You can give one time or set up recurring giving there.  Giving buckets are also passed each weekend in all of our services. Lastly, you can mail in your gifts to PCC at P.O. Box 834, Powhatan, VA 23139.

This is a lot of money! Why are we going for such a bold goal?

Yes, it is. 185,000 is a big number too, and that’s the number of people around our current campuses who aren’t experiencing their fullest lives possible through Jesus Christ right now.  We will do whatever it takes to help them come to Know God, Discover Purpose, Get Real, Make a Difference, and Be the Change.  Since our annual offering income is already $2.5million, if we just continued doing what we’ve been doing, then we would have given $5 million over the next two years.  The MORE initiative raises that by just under an additional $3million, which will enable us to reach more of those 185,000 people.

What happens if we don’t meet the goal? Will we go into debt?

We’re committed to doing what God calls us to do, even if the timeline or scope changes from our original expectations.  Likewise, we’re committed to stewarding the resources God provides us in a way that’s appropriate, healthy and wise. We will not add any unhealthy debt as a result of MORE.  PCC’s Steering Team and Strategic Leadership Team are in place to ensure we remain financially sound.

How does MORE impact our commitment to outreach?

We partner with a number of local organizations serving under-served people in our area, as well as dozens of global staff sharing the gospel around the world. MORE will enable us to increase and expand these partnerships.

How will we spark change in divisive families and cultures? What do you mean by that?

When one person gets emotionally healthy, it affects an entire family.  So we intend to develop a complete ‘course’ that anyone at our church can enroll in to equip them to have more healthy families. The ripple effects will bring healing to divided families, and as families get better, communities change.  Our culture is as divided as ever, and we can affect it one healthier person at a time.

Why does our Midlothian Campus need a permanent facility?

Our Midlothian Campus property is uniquely positioned in the epicenter of growth in that community, with commercial and residential growth and major roads (Rt. 288 and Midlothian Turnpike) surrounding it.  Within a 10-minute drive of this location there are over 60,000 people who do not come to church and we believe a permanent facility will increase our ability to live out our mission in this community, seven days a week.

Will the farmhouse that is on the property be removed?

The farmhouse, circa 1890, will remain standing (with essential upgrades), giving us needed space for student groups, meetings, and offices. We will save money by not building those spaces from the ground up in the new building.

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