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Eastern Europe still bears the scars of the former Soviet Union’s iron fisted grip. Moldova is the smallest and poorest of countries that came out of that era.

PCC is working through and with JMI (Justice and Mercy International) in Moldova to impact and improve the lives of children in government-run orphanages, with a focus on helping youth when they must leave these orphanages at the age of 16. These young adults are highly at risk to turn to turn to crime and prostitution and are preyed on by human traffickers.

The Transitional Care Program is aimed at helping them prepare for independent living through training, mentoring, counseling, financial assistance and pointing them toward a loving God. You can get involved by praying for and sponsoring one of these young adults or providing a one time gift. You can also be a part of a mission trip – it will change your life.

For more information, contact Tony Tomandl, our Do Good Director, at

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