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Posted June 20, 2021 in DAVID - 36:00


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Has your life ever turned upside down in an instant?

As in, everything was going well one minute and in complete turmoil the next?

Many of us can relate to feeling alone. Isolated. This is where David finds himself after being anointed the future King of Israel. One minute, he’s climbing the ladder of success. And then it all gets twisted.

How did it all go wrong?

Whatever wilderness you may find yourself in, discover hope, truth, and TRAINING through this account of David, as he learns to rely completely on God.

The pathway out of the wilderness is almost unspeakably painful, but the benefit of it is unshakably holy.

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Our eyes can transmit 10 million bits of information every. With our eyes, we take in the beauty of creation, avoid the peril of predators, produce epic works of art, and create.

But we also evaluate. We assess something’s worth and assign its value based on what it looks like, often ignoring the voice inside of us, telling us that…

…there is more than meets the eye.

Join Senior Pastor Brian C. Hughes as he looks at how you and I use our eyes to evaluate worth, while God uses an MRI and peers beyond the skin and into the heart.

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