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We are coming out of one of THE defining events of our lifetime.  

The Pandemic of 2020 will be something we will tell our children, our grandchildren and beyond.  Generations behind us will say, “My great grandfather lived through the COVID-19 pandemic.  He used to tell me stories about it…”

The effects linger.

The aftershocks of this seismic event will be felt for months and even years. But now we begin to turn, slowly, from being in the middle of the crisis to emerging from it. And while there will be much reflection, our focus now is on a new day…a new beginning…a new…

What will we learn as we
pick up the pieces?

What do we want to remain?
What do we want to change?

More importantly,
how will we allow God to do something
new and good in our lives as we move ahead

Because of what we know and believe about the nature of God and his Love towards us, we can be sure that there is promise on the horizon.

Make a mad dash for it as we:

Dream Again – June 14

Face the Giant – June 21

Focus Forward – June 28

Follow the Plan – July 5

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