Let’s admit it: There are some things that we say about God that are hard to believe…

…that the Bible is trustworthy.

…that I can do what God says I can do.

…that I’m THAT bad.

…that God hears me when I pray.

…that the Resurrection was real. (EASTER SUNDAY)

Join us on Sundays in March as we explore some challenging areas of faith.



March 27, 7:00pm
Online at pccwiredLIVE.net

As we conclude the “Hard To Believe” series, join Senior Pastor Brian C. Hughes and our Midlothian Campus Pastor (and Teaching Pastor), Angie Frame, to ask your questions about things that are “hard to believe” regarding faith, the Bible, Jesus, and more!

This special LIVE broadcast will stream on the Online Campus at PCCWIREDLIVE.NET.

Submit your questions prior to the event using the form below.

HTB Live Q&A Broadcast - Question Submission

  • Topics: * That the Bible is trustworthy * That we can do what God says we can do * That we are as bad as the Bible says we are * That God hears me when I pray * That the Resurrection was real