Christmas Preparation Day 3 – Separation


We’ll get to something joyous, I promise.  But we need to continue to explore the problem that Jesus came to solve.  Christmas is exciting for you and me.  For God, it was the swallow-hard solution to a problem He did NOT create, but was determined to answer.  If we are going to be prepared for Christmas in our hearts and souls, we need to fully appreciate the gravity of Christmas, from God’s perspective.  So yesterday’s post is sort of part 1, and I should have written “to be continued…” at the end of it. Today is the second part of it.  And it’s vital for you and me to grasp it.

Read Genesis 3:21-24

  • Before God threw Adam and Eve out, what did He do for them (v.21)?  Why do you think He did this?
  • In verse 22, God says, “The man has now become like one of us…” Who is the ‘us’ that God is talking about?
  • Because of their sin, God evicts our great, great, great, etc, etc, etc…..Grandparents from their paradise home.
    • Think of a time when your parent punished you for something you did.  How did it feel?
    • If you’re a parent, think of a time when you had to punish your child for disobeying you.  How did it feel to you as a parent?
    • How do you think Adam and Eve felt and how do you think God felt, after they were disciplined?

After Adam and Eve committed that first sin, there was a separation.   Whereas they were close with God, now there was distance.  Where there was intimacy, now there was space. God defines perfection. He IS perfection.  Sin is the stain of imperfection.  Sin always results in separation from God.

Jesus’ birth (Christmas) is all about God removing that separation.  We’ll talk about that tomorrow.  But for now, consider these questions:

  • On a scale from 1-5, where 5 is total intimacy and 1 is huge distance, how would you rate your relationship with God right now?
  • If you didn’t give that a 5, what are some reasons that you feel some level of distance from Him?
  • What can you do to help close the gap?

Spend some time today praying and telling God that you want to be closer with him.  Ask Jesus to come closer to you.  Take a walk or just spend some time sitting, clear your mind, let His presence fill your soul.  (Seriously, stop the busyness for just a few minutes and spend some time with God.  Trust me, nothing you can do will be more productive or life-giving.)

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  1. Julie Bass

    I have been thinking a lot about the question “how would you rate your relationship with God right now?” based on the scale provided. The “right now” part has me all mixed up! My thoughts are running in circles around is this is an in the moment score (aka right now), a daily, a weekly, a monthly, etc. My meditation has been around the question…is it an average score? But I am trying for a “perfect” score, right? Average is not where I want to be…hence the desire to close the gaps! A whole lot to think about in today’s blog..thank you!


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