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Posted June, 06 in It's Time - 28:33

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To be, or not to be, that is the question.

Well, for Shakespeare, that was the question.

The world is stepping all over each other to see who can look down the most, sit the highest, have the best. Not necessarily make a difference. Our cultural question is “To be, or not to be…”

But you are better than that.  And there is a better question. 

The practical, world-altering question that Jesus asks:

To serve, or not to serve.  That’s the REAL question.   

Jesus said he did not come to BE served, but TO serve, which meant that he set aside what he wanted so that others could get what they needed.

Join Senior Pastor Brian C. Hughes as he looks at what this practically means for those who choose to follow Jesus and how we can make a difference.

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