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Posted July, 28 in On the Water - 33:15

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Jonah and the whale. It’s a nice tale that makes us feel good when we read it this way, even if the bit about the fish doesn’t seem to make much sense. Jonah overcomes his fear, preaches God’s word, and people are saved as a result. 


When you read the actual story of Jonah from the pages of the Bible, you find that it isn’t all sunshine and roses. Jonah’s real life is much more nuanced, complicated, frustrating, and convicting than the story some of us heard growing up. But because of this, it also has so much more application for our lives today

In this week’s message, Pastor Elijah Schiarelli sets the record straight. Forget what you may or may not know about the story of Jonah and dive into the reality of  the life of Jonah. 

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