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God With Us

Posted December, 05 in STABLE - 34:44

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After the last 22 months, it seems like everything is in flux—work, education, prices, travel, the availability of basic products—it’s all unstable and has left us wondering:

What’s stable about Christmas? Is there anything that we can count on?

One of the very first things that we learn about Jesus is that, before He even received that name, He was to be called Emmanuel, meaning, “God with us.”  This meant that God was—and is—no longer just communicating with his people from afar. Christmas brought GOD WITH US, Emmanuel, in the form of a baby.

No matter what else changes about Christmas from year to year, this will never change. Join Teaching Pastor Angie Frame as she journeys into the meaning of “God with us” and how this can transform our Christmas experience.


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