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When Your Student Goes on the Mission Trip

When Your Student Goes on the Mission Trip

by Laura Koelzer

Summer is here and with it brings the biggest event of the year for students – the student mission trip! In just a few days nearly 100 students and adult leaders will head to Walterboro, SC to be Jesus’ hands and feet!

We know for many parents trip comes with some anxiety about your child going away for a week. All three of my kids have been on multiple mission trips with PCC and I definitely had some nerves when they started going on the trips. So here’s a quick rundown of what the week will look like, and a few things to remember to keep your mind at ease while your child is on the mission trip:

Our students and chaperones will arrive in Walterboro Saturday afternoon and get settled in. They are staying in the local high school, which means they have great facilities. On Sunday they’ll meet their work crews, attend church together and prepare for the work week ahead. They’ll get up early, eat breakfast together and travel to their work site every morning, Monday through Friday. Amazing lunches are provided on the worksite, usually by a local church. They will end each day with showers, dinner, worship and devotions together, then bed to rest and get ready to do it all again! 

Some things to remember…

  • No news is good news! Our team will be BUSY the whole week, from early morning to late at night, working with their crews, learning, worshiping, and making friends. Also, we can’t predict how good the cell service will be for your student, so it’s best not to expect updates from them. Please know that if a problem arises, Ellis Hopson, PCC’s Student Director will contact you immediately. Otherwise, rest assured that leaders are taking good care of your kids and handling any issues that may arise.


  • The mission trip is a great opportunity for your student to learn some independence while also being closely supervised. Students will be woken up each morning, but it’s up to them to manage their time and be ready to go when it’s time to leave for worksites. And when they are finished for the day, they have time to do things like shower and play games during downtime.


  • Your student will work very hard this week. They’ll be a part of a big project and be able to see it from start to finish. They will work alongside students they may not usually interact with as well as students from other churches. Many times they get to interact with the homeowners they are helping, children in the community and people from the host church providing lunches. 


  • MissionServe makes a way for you to send encouragrams (encouraging notes) to every individual on the team, students and adults. It means the world to receive some words of love, support and encouragement. If you’d like to send a note, simply click this link and follow the instructions. The notes will be printed and distributed daily through “mailboxes” taped to the wall in a common room. Anyone can send these, so pass this link to family and close friends and fill their boxes!


We know sending your child away for a week can feel unnerving, but it will be such a rewarding experience for them! Your student will most likely arrive back at home very tired from the packed week, but also with a full heart after seeing all the ways God moved!

Here are a few questions to ask to engage them when they get back:

1: What was your favorite part of the trip?
2: What was the most difficult thing you experienced while away?
3: Did you have a moment where you experienced God’s presence during the trip?
4: What type of work did you do most days?
5: Did you make any new friends while you were gone? Tell me about them.

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Written by

Laura Koelzer

Follower of Jesus. Wife. Mama of 3. Singer. Disney adult. Always up for an adventure.

Published June 20, 2024

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