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Five Tips for a Successful Summer

Five Tips for a Successful Summer

It’s almost summer! Nobody is more aware of that fact than all the kids who are counting down the days until the last day of school. For them, summer means replacing school and studying with swimming and sunscreen. It means replacing the schedule with spontaneity. It means finally having some freedom! 

As parents, we want our kids to enjoy every minute of their summer vacation while also retaining at least some of the knowledge they’ve acquired during the school year. Maybe you’ll encourage your kids to read every day or practice their multiplication facts or write to a penpal. Here at PCC, we also hope you’ll continue to talk to them about God. A more relaxed schedule can also mean more weekend getaways and vacations, but even if you’re not at church, you can still find God wherever you are. 

As you head into the summer months, here are five tips to help you and your family make the most of it:

Schedule time to read your Bible. 

Set a specific time of day that aligns with something you’re already doing, like getting dressed or brushing teeth. Spend 15 minutes (or more!) looking through your bible, highlighting important words or phrases, and praying before and/or after to hear from God over the summer.

Remember God’s love. 

When things get difficult this summer (because they probably will – sibling squabbles and teenage struggles don’t end with the school year), encourage each other to remember God’s love. When you want to retaliate out of frustration, remember how much God loves you and show that love to others.

Look for God in nature. 

Remind yourself that this beautiful creation is completely designed and created by Him. Summer provides us lots and lots of nature (sunsets, beach waves, insects, mountains, breezes, thunderstorms, etc) that we can use as a way to connect to God and thank Him for this beautiful world we live in.

Remember God’s help.

When something great happens this summer – maybe you hike a beautiful mountain or make a special summer sports team – remember that every good thing in our lives comes from God. He goes with us on our journey and helps us along the way. God works in us and through us, and remembering this will help cultivate a heart of gratitude.

Use your senses!

Bake! Paint! Dance! Read! Allow yourself to use your senses in creative ways this summer while remembering God’s craft in creating you. Our senses are what make us unique beings, and using them to honor and praise God is a great and fun way to connect with Him over the summer.

We hope you’ll take these ideas with you as you go out and enjoy your summer! 

Click HERE for a downloadable copy of Five Tips for a Successful Summer.

Special thanks to Liz McCrory (one of PCC’s EDGE leaders) and Ellis Hopson (PCC’s Student Director) for these great tips!



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