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6 Helpful Habits from a “Maybe Homeschooler”

6 Helpful Habits from a “Maybe Homeschooler”

by Anna Nice

I often call myself the “maybe homeschooler.” 

Right now in our journey, I am a full-on homeschooler. But we really aren’t biased with our children’s education. We see so many wonderful aspects of homeschool, public, private, you name it! We also re-evaluate each year and look at each of our children’s needs and desires. 

For more on how we arrived here, check out PART 1 of this series: “How We Homeschool: Less Doubt, More Peace”.

As I prep, organize and start this new school year, I’d love to share six helpful habits that have been foundational to our family’s homeschooling success. 

Maybe you are a veteran homeschooler; maybe this is your first year. Maybe you love where your children are but you are still curious about what it looks like to homeschool. I hope these tips inspire and encourage you in some way. 

  1. Create a space for learning.

    This can be a whole room dedicated to books and art supplies, organized from floor to ceiling, with desks lined up and designated school stations; or it can be as simple as organized cubbies carried to the dining room table.

    Whatever space you have the ability to create, be intentional about your child and their learning desires. In our home our kids thrive on organization, supplies in their place, labels, and a written schedule guiding them to what’s next.

  2. Simplify Curriculum.

    You will find that there are SO MANY curriculum resources. Honestly it can be so overwhelming! Talk to friends who can tell you what worked and what didn’t work. Take time to research on your own. Keep it simple. Right now, we are loving The Good and The Beautiful.

  3. Create a Rhythm/Routine/Schedule.

    Even if the days don’t always go as planned (because it’s inevitable, I promise), consistency is so important. You will find that the flow of the day is less chaotic when there is a “plan”.

  4. Join a Co Op/Homeschool group.

    There are so many opportunities to join forces with other amazing homeschooling families. This can be twice a month or weekly and has several benefits. It’s a time:

    • for the children to learn alongside others,
    • for focus on science and nature, with outdoor learning experiences, and 
    • for parents to encourage and bring each other up. We have found all of this through our amazing group with Wild and Free.
  5. Prep on Sunday evenings.

    This has been a vital part of not only homeschooling in our family, but staying on top of our busy life with a family of 7. My husband and I sit down on Sundays and meal plan for the coming week, create our grocery list, compare schedules, and kick off the new week with a whole lot of organization!

  6. Finally…Give yourself GRACE.

    This has been a word I have lived by for the past few years. From moving, to living in the RV while we built our home, to actually building our own home—I needed grace every day.

    And the Lord granted it.

    “Grace,” to me,  feels like:

    • taking a deep breath when our day gets off track.
    • encouraging myself or the kids to start our day over when we just can’t get our attitudes together. 
    • putting away textbooks on a Tuesday to simply spend time outdoors when we all need it most. 

Many days, “grace” feels like putting one foot in front of the other and keeping at it when the going gets tough.
We are all human and we certainly don’t always get things right; but I know that, as parents, we are all doing our very best. I am thankful every day for the gift of our children and the opportunity to teach and guide them to the best of my ability. 

Wherever you are in your journey, know that you are not alone and that this “maybe homeschooler” is cheering you on.


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Written by

Anna Nice

Wife to Timothy, mother to 5, homesteader, and lover of Jesus.

Published October 10, 2021

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