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When we came to PCC, I was simply following my parents to whatever church they were trying out. I’ve gone to church for most of my life—it’s something we’ve always done—but I never felt like I belonged. I felt too broken—like I had to have it all together in order for Jesus to love me. What I didn’t know at the time was that my heart was desperately searching for a relationship with God.

I remember the first service I attended. The people that greeted me at the door instantly felt like family. I didn’t feel judged. Brian Hughes was teaching about God’s unconditional, fatherly love and how He would stop at nothing to pursue us. It had never been presented to me the way that he described it, and I wanted to know more. I left there feeling like I finally had a place to call home.

Eleven years later, I still feel that same acceptance and love and I get to be a part of that same feeling for someone else who walks through those doors. PCC is reaching people and showing them the truth about Jesus: that He is love. Anyone who walks through our doors has a place here.


I arrived at PCC at the urging of my then, fiance—now, wife—Dakota. She really thought I should be part of a church. She had grown up in church and knew how important it was to build our relationship with God at the foundation.

At the same time, I was working at Chick-fil-A, where a trusted mentor was encouraging me to invest in a relationship with God. He said that, as life threw different circumstances my way, I would need guidance from someone other than my closest friends and family—that God would be able to help me through the toughest times, as well as the best of times. Ultimately, I came to PCC for myself, because it seemed that checking out a relationship with God was a good step to take.

That’s when I really started listening to the messages that were being taught, and even applying them to my personal life. It was in these moments that I could truly feel myself getting closer to God and could see him working in and around my life. From there, I went on to serve as a camera person on the Dream Team. The rest is history.

At PCC, I am regularly reminded just how important every person is to God. The fact that we are already investing in young leaders will only strengthen our church and help us to reach more people. From someone who didn’t grow up in church, I am always amazed at the many different age groups that are present at our campuses. That means we are doing something right! It also shows people of any age that God is working all around them in ways they may have never seen—until coming to PCC!

PCC’s core values are treasured and upheld by everyone who I have come in contact with. The genuine, welcoming environment is consistent and refreshing. I have seen major life change, not only in myself, but in people around me. I feel wholeheartedly that PCC’s leadership team has a firm foundation on bringing people to know God. With all of these things, I believe that the sky’s the limit on the number of people we could impact—the number of people we could help to discover that God has been waiting for them their whole lives!


Our family has been with PCC since the very beginning — day one. Since then, I have continued to attend because it truly is my church home. Throughout my life, PCC has been a steady constant of guidance, love, and understanding. The atmosphere, as soon as you walk in the door, is welcoming — I can’t help but smile when I walk through those doors. The energy is unmatched and there is no place like PCC.

Our home is in Farmville and for a long time, the Powhatan Campus was our closest option. I dreamed that one day, when we had children, that PCC would migrate to Farmville and be a place where we could be more consistently involved. So we were excited to attend the Farmville Campus when it opened. Now having two children, a campus in close proximity to our home provides opportunities for them to be more actively involved as they get older.

I’m excited for PCC and its future because I know there are so many people that are just waiting to experience a church like this one—a type of church where you can come as you are, with no judgment, and be welcomed with open arms. It’s a safe place to explore your faith, no matter where you are in your journey. I’m always waiting in anticipation to not only see what PCC does next, but how God uses PCC to reach people exactly where they are, at exactly the right time.


My wife and I came to PCC on a quest to find a place our family could call home. I had a deep longing and desire to be in a community where I could be the man God wants me to be without feeling judged, where the gospel of Jesus was taught in a way that was relevant to our lives here and now. I wanted to make new friends and real connections that will last for a lifetime, and not just for me but also for my wife and son.

I googled “church near me” and found that I couldn’t scroll past Passion Community Church in the search results. We visited PCC for the first time in August of 2021 and everything made sense when we walked through the door.

  • I could see myself up there on the platform using the gift and talent God has given me to bless others.
  • I love God and could tell that the people at PCC also loved God deeply. 
  • It didn’t matter what campus we visited—it felt like home.

I was home. I knew it then and I know it now.

I personally love PCC’s vision, which is to “reach the unchurched.” That vision exemplifies Jesus’ purpose—He came for the sick, the broken, and the needy. The conscious and deliberate effort to invest in younger generations—to create and give them opportunities to discover themselves and find purpose rooted in God—that’s not a common trait of many churches these days. I believe that our church is just starting to peel back the layers of impact that we will have on the community, the nation, and the world. Being a part of that impact in my own small way is most fulfilling.


I was raised as a Catholic and grew up with questions that I felt like I couldn’t ask. While I accepted Jesus in 2007, my church experiences left me feeling like I still had a lot to learn. Reading the Bible is one thing—learning it is another. Knowing OF Jesus is one thing—truly knowing Jesus is another.

In late 2019, I was attending a church in Aylett and just beginning to take significant steps in truly knowing Christ—and the church suddenly and unexpectedly closed its doors. The experience left me deeply hurt. When friends began reaching out a few weeks later to tell me that PCC was launching a church in the same building, I was very skeptical and ignored them. Then someone invited me to a meeting at the church with Brian Hughes, PCC’s Senior Pastor. Most of the people I knew from the previous church would also be there. I reluctantly agreed.

What I experienced was unexpected. The people were so welcoming. There was an undeniable excitement in them. Pastor Brian’s words about PCC piqued my curiosity. So, after the meeting, I checked out the online services—the worship sounded great and the sermon was easy to understand. I found enough to convince me to give it a try.

What I found was that PCC offered all the tools I needed for truly KNOWING Jesus and understanding His words in the Bible. Every week, I learn something new. I have discovered my purpose through Growth Track and I now use that purpose to serve at every opportunity I get. I help in Guest Services, on the Breakfast Team, and on the Care Team. Dream Team rocks!

PCC is my church—my home away from home. I know I have so much to learn, but I am confident that I have a church family who will help me through tough times and answer my questions. I love my church and I am excited about its future. God is moving at PCC, without a doubt, and I can’t wait to see how many more lives will be touched and changed through it.


I’ve lived a large part of my life at PCC. I was a toddler when my family first started attending and I grew up in the church. Even from a young age, I could feel something special every time I stepped foot through the doors of our church—even from our earliest days at Powhatan High School. I love people. The more I’ve come to understand the purpose of people gathering on Sundays, the more I’ve been drawn to church. Not only do I get to choose to grow in my faith; I get to watch others grow in theirs as well. Through worship nights and small groups. I am surrounded by other followers of Jesus—that alone fills me with joy.

Even when I left Powhatan to attend Liberty University, I watched services online. I did not want to miss a Sunday! I tried many other churches around Lynchburg. While there were many good churches, none could provide the “home” feeling that I get at PCC.

After growing up in the church, being baptized, serving for a season in PCC Kids, going on mission trips, being in many small groups, and now co-leading a small group, I cannot wait to see how much more God will open my eyes—to see His creation, to see more people getting involved and trying church for the first time, and to witness more stories of Jesus working in people’s lives. I absolutely love PCC!


When I first heard about PCC, I heard that we’d be visited by both men and women who wanted to show us the love of God without any conditions—that these people would not be judgmental or condemning, but rather, people who actually cared about those of us who were incarcerated.

Then I attended a service—and something powerful happened in my spirit. I got so much more than I was expecting. It wasn’t just that I was able to experience God’s presence and know that He was speaking through the message that was given. The Bible says in John chapter 13, that we will know His children by the way they show love for one another. Not only was I the recipient of His Love through His servants that night, but I was given the vision of what it looked like to let God love through ME. Some people can hear instructions and then carry them out; others need you to show them how to carry them out. That’s me—I need to be shown. PCC did an outstanding job of showing me what it looks like to love God’s creation.

I know that PCC is anchored in God. At their very heart is the desire to go where the Father sends them. When you see people doing what they love doing, you don’t worry about them getting tired of doing it. When you hear the passion in their words and teachings and the excitement in their praise, you don’t worry about them running out of gas. When Christ reveals Himself as the driver of the bus called PCC, you want your ticket and you know that the ride is going all around the globe spreading God’s Word and sharing His Love to all who will make time to hear and believe!


I first came to PCC about 14 years ago. My family had been very involved and committed at another church—then the church totally unraveled. It was a very hurtful experience and disheartened us when it came to church.

Then a friend of ours invited us to PCC. They were still meeting in the high school auditorium and we went to a service right before Christmas. It was such an incredible God moment for us. We were both very emotional and decided that day that we would return.

My husband became active in the band and found his group right away; but my transition was much slower. I was still harboring a lot of hurt from our previous church. Still, I was immediately impressed with PCC’s mission to reach people who don’t go to church. I also saw so much authenticity and transparency from the staff, the leaders, and the people serving. For the first time ever, I felt that I could bring anyone I wanted to this church and that they would be welcomed and not judged. I had never had that experience before; it was a huge realization.

In our 14 years here, I’ve learned to trust God again. He was waiting for me the whole time. All of the heartaches, pain, and loss—I was able to set that aside and say, “Okay God, where are we going now?” Following Him has lead me to mentoring others, leading several small groups, and now serving on the Care Team at the Midlothian Campus.

I feel like we are wide open to experience what God will do at PCC over the next few years. I’m excited about our kids ministry and how much it’s growing. I love going to baptisms and seeing all the children and students getting baptized! We just praise God for that. I am “bought in” on PCC, on the Midlothian Campus, and on all that God is doing through our church. I am so thankful that God led us here and I’m so thankful that He has allowed us to be a part of the mission. I get excited every time I think about it and love telling people about our church!

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