Wisdom that ‘rubs off’

The beginning of wisdom is this: Get[ wisdom.
    Though it cost all you have, get understanding. Proverbs 4:7, NIV
Wisdom: The ability to see through the details to the big picture, add a measure of God’s perspective, and then apply both back to the details.
I’ve been thinking about this question for the past few weeks now:  How does a person get wisdom?  If wisdom is something that isn’t Divinely granted to the lucky few but is actually available to all to chase it, then I …

Get Wisdom: Books to help

After today’s message, I was asked by several people what books, other than the Bible, I would recommend for increasing wisdom.  This won’t make a lot of sense if you didn’t come to church today, so catch up here.
I also highly recommend that you watch the followup video and work through the questions, which you can find here.
Now to the question: What book or study other than the Bible will help me up my wisdom factor?
If I could …

Inside the Planning

When we started PCC – and for the first 10+ years of our church – we planned our weekend experiences (services) on a VERY short time horizon.  There was a loosely formed team of people who would meet weekly (in the back room of the County Seat Restaurant before we had a building) and we’d talk about the previous Sunday – what worked well and what didn’t.  And we’d look to the coming Sunday, which was only a few days …

Follow up on Sunday’s Panel Discussion

(FYI: there is more to the panel conversation from Sunday that you can see here)
We did something unusual on Sunday. For many, it was lifegiving and liberating.  I’ll share some of those stories in this post.  But I also want to acknowledge that Sunday was confusing for some folks.  I’ve had a few people reach out to me about it.  It’s obvious that I could have done a better job of connecting the dots.  So I’m going to attempt …

3 Reasons Why Acts Matters

We began this past Sunday a study on the book of Acts.  As far as I can recall, we’ve never done a series on this book before.  And it’s not the normal starting place for us, since we usually start with ‘life’  and then figure out what the Bible teaches about it. To be honest, doing a series this way is a little more challenging to make it attractional with a single glance.
But it is as important for you as …

How Prayer Affects God

Prayer is what we talked about at PCC yesterday.  Specifically, the idea that God actually hears us when we pray.  I talked about 3 things that happen when we pray.

Prayer invites the presence of God
Prayer invokes the peace of God
Prayer unlocks the power of God

But here’s the thing – this is not a pick-and-choose list!  We can’t say, “I’ll take peace and power, but skip presence.”
Simply put:  God is NOT your Genie-in-a-Bottle, where you rub the lamp and he pops …

Read the Bible in 2018!

There is nothing you can do that will be more transforming than to read the Bible every day.  But most people don’t.  Even when we intend to do it, other things get in the way.  We’re tired.  Or we’re busy.  Or we don’t understand what we’re reading.  Whatever the reason, we give up.  Our good intentions are pushed aside like the other noble goals we set.  Reading the Bible every day remains on many of our bucket lists, yet to …

PCC’s FIRST Disaster relief trip Info


It’s hard to imagine how devastating these floods have been in Texas, Florida and Puerto Rico.  We all want to help, but there is so much that needs to be done.
PCC’s Disaster Relief leadership team has been working very hard to determine the best way that we can help. After collecting HUNDREDS of hygiene kits, we are now heading to Houston to help begin the cleanup process. Basic info is below as well as the primary contact information if …