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Our Mission

Our Mission

Our mission is simple...

We exist to reach people who don’t go to church so that we can all experience the fullest lives possible through Jesus Christ. 

Everything we do is designed to accomplish this mission.

Our Core Values reflect this. We are:

Focused on One Mission
Authentic in All Relationships
Accepting of All People
Excellent in Every Effort
Generous with Our Lives

We are focused on one mission.

We are willing to say ‘no’ to many things in order to say ‘yes’ to the things that keep a laser-like, unified focus on our mission. This includes being:

  • Spiritually Healthy – modeling for one another and our community our foundational pursuit of corporate worship, personal Bible study, prayer, serving, authentic relationships, and giving.
  • Unified – setting aside personal preferences to wholeheartedly support the final decision of the team.
  • Accessible – removing physical, emotional, spiritual, and personal barriers to the church and God.

We are authentic in all relationships.

We are honest about who we are. We are willing to be genuine, transparent, open and honest in our relationships with God and with one another. This includes being:

  • Honest – relating to God and one another with truth-telling, trust, and no withholds (last 10%).
  • Honorable – acting with integrity and moral courage, controlling impulses and appetites so that we may do what is right, even if the cost is high; ultimately bringing honor to God and the church.

We are accepting of all people.

We are accepting of all people who are investigating the claims of Christ, regardless of their spiritual, emotional, physical, or relational condition. This includes being:

  • Welcoming – greeting and interacting with people is the responsibility of every member of PCC, regardless of role or position.
  • Gracious – recognizing that everyone is broken and in need of grace from God and others.
  • Aware – noticing who is present and reading their body language to gauge appropriate interaction, so that they feel safe and accepted.

We are excellent in every effort.

We bring our best! We are excellent in every effort, believing that bringing our best honors God and inspires people. This includes being:

  • Creative – willing to innovate, see possibility, and try new things in everything that we do.
  • Relevant – committed to helping people see how following Christ can change their lives for the better.

We are generous with our whole lives.

We are generous, because God has graciously given us what we need and even more than we deserve–life, talents, relationships, experiences, skills, and money.  We graciously offer all of that to God, His church, and His people. This includes being:

  • Committed – regularly volunteering within PCC and regularly giving financially to the budget.
  • Sacrificial – following Jesus’ example of sacrifice and occasionally giving of time and/or money in a way that stretches us (capital campaigns, special appeals and helping others ).
  • Helpful – meeting tangible needs in our communities, country, and world.
  • Available – being open to invitations from God to give of ourselves for the good of others at any time.
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