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Does the idea of being able to volunteer from the comfort of your own home excite you? Do you enjoy social media, chat rooms, or even have a desire to learn to mix audio or build graphics? Then PCC’s Online Campus may be for you!

Our Online Campus is changing and growing at the speed of light with over 275 in attendance each week. We are looking for the following volunteers as we work to make our Online experience the best that it can be! And we will train you! No experience required.

Online Moderators
Online Service Coordinators
Online Graphics Operators
Online Audio Mixer
Online Video Switch Operators

To learn more, complete the form found at http://pccwired.net/weekendexperiences/ or contact Tom Lewis, our Online Campus Pastor, at 804-598-1174 or email tom.lewis@pccwired.net.


TAKE OUR ONLINE CAMPUS SURVEY – we’d love your input!

Campus Pastor:

Tom Lewis