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Aylett Campus

Aylett Campus


Sundays | 2 Services
9:00 & 10:30am

7753 Richmond Tappahannock Hwy.
Aylett, VA 23009

Phone: 804-535-0060

About this Campus

In 2019 a local church in Aylett asked if Passion Community Church would consider adopting them into the family.  The answer was a resounding yes, and our Aylett Campus was born! Located in King William County where route 360 crosses the Mattaponi River, our Aylett Campus is ready to serve you and your family with exciting kids programs for all ages, and inspiring, energetic services for the adults.

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Campus Pastors

Chuck & Sandra Moore

Deeply rooted in PCC since 2002, both Chuck and Sandra Moore have served in different capacities such as Small Group Leaders, Worship Team Coordinator, Small Group Coordinator, Dream Team Members, and Care Team Members. Chuck and Sandra have 5 girls between them and three grandchildren who enjoy spending time on their farm.  Chuck and Sandra share a passion for growing the Kingdom of God and providing a church home for those who don’t have a church to call home.

Every Sunday we sing together. It’s a central part of the experience, occupying a significant portion of our time together on Sunday mornings. But it’s more than just music; it’s a powerful avenue for connecting with God, offering a chance to express emotions and engage with Him.

But if you’ve ever wondered why certain songs are chosen, what they really mean, or what to do when the lyrics seem confusing, you’re not alone. In this series, we’re diving into the heart of these songs, exploring their meanings and uncovering the rich layers of scriptural insight they offer.

Whether you’re a curious observer or someone seeking deeper spiritual connection, join us as we journey through the melodies, seeking to understand the scriptural basis for some of the songs we sing.

Join us Sundays, May 19 – June 16!

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