4 Things PCC’ers Need to Know

There are hundreds of God-sized things happening at PCC. I don’t even know all of them, but I often hear a story and think, “Wow! God is really doing something incredible here!”

So I wanted to share just a few things that are on my radar.

  1. The Farmville Campus is really happening!  This was NOT our radar just a few months ago.  In fact, we carefully decided NOT to launch any new campuses in 2017.  But we never say ‘no’ to God.  So when the phone rang and a church in Farmville offered to give us their building and 11 acres of land if we would plant a campus there, it was the first in a long series of steps that confirmed:  God was working, clearing a path, making it all happen.  Our team has worked like crazy to renovate the building, make it PCC, and be ready to launch.  Here’s just one picture of what the auditorium looks like:  There is so much more to tell you about, so come celebrate with us at the rally THIS coming Thursday at our New Farmville Campus and you’ll hear what we’re going to do.  Get more info here.

2.  During the summer, I take a break from preaching and go to all of our campuses.  I really love seeing people I don’t normally get to see, and I usually host the service for a Campus Pastor who is either preaching that day or away on a well-deserved break.  While every PCC Campus is clearly…well…PCC, each also has it’s own unique flavor.  It’s PCC, but contextualized to each location and community.  Yesterday, I was at our Midlothian Campus and it was AMAZING!

This is just the rehearsal picture, but that team is meticulous about every detail.  They get the lighting, sound, music, and environments dialed in as close to perfection as possible.  The results of this tedious, time consuming effort are impressive. Because we meet in a school, there’s no side or back stage, so I sat in the front row (so I could walk up and host) and was overwhelmed by the powerhouse music team that leads there.  But the experience is so much more than music.  Kids return from PowerJam and First Steps smiling.  I give them high-fives and ask them how they liked church and they tell me how much fun they had and what they learned. Guest Services folks go out of their way to make sure everyone is warmly welcomed, and I often see them wiping down the coffee bar or picking up trash.

Of course, because we’re in a Middle School, the entire effort begins before the sun comes up (literally) as a group of guys get up around 5am, haul trailers, unload them, unpack them, and set everything up.  They are the backbone of that operation.  Without them, church at Midlothian wouldn’t happen.

It’s worth all this effort, because sitting in the seat, listening to the people respond to the message, laughing with Angie, singing the songs, clapping in affirmation, and praying as a community, it occurs to me that God is still up to something all over PCC, not just in the latest buzz or our newest campus.

So a BIG thank you to the tireless, faithful people in Midlothian who make our church happen every week.  I really enjoyed seeing you yesterday!

3.  Finally, many of our mission efforts happen in the summer, and this summer is no exception.  You might have heard that 80+ students and adults went to Forest City, NC for a week of hard labor to help some folks who really needed the help.  That team returned with great stories of how God worked in and through them, plus some plain old fun.  Here’s just ONE of the many projects our folks worked on – a very cool before and after look:

Right now, we have a team of people in Tanzania doing some amazing work – helping people there improve their lives.  Please pray for them – that God would keep them physically safe, but lead them into dangerous, tranformational conversations.

And pray for our Farmville Launch, which is now only 6 days away!

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