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Every Sunday we sing together. It’s a central part of the experience, occupying a significant portion of our time together on Sunday mornings. But it’s more than just music; it’s a powerful avenue for connecting with God, offering a chance to express emotions and engage with Him.

But if you’ve ever wondered why certain songs are chosen, what they really mean, or what to do when the lyrics seem confusing, you’re not alone. In this series, we’re diving into the heart of these songs, exploring their meanings and uncovering the rich layers of scriptural insight they offer.

Whether you’re a curious observer or someone seeking deeper spiritual connection, join us as we journey through the melodies, seeking to understand the scriptural basis for some of the songs we sing.

Join us Sundays, May 19 – June 16!


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Students in 6th-12th grades—you’re invited to hang out, have fun, and learn what it means to have a faith in Jesus of your own. With weekly student groups, worship events, retreats and more, find a place where your questions or thoughts about faith, life, the Bible, and God are all welcome and encouraged.

In our Everything’s Fine series, we discussed mental health, managing it, and caring for others going through a difficult time. And we have a ton of resources for you wherever you find yourself in your mental health journey or helping others through their own. Find everything from reducing anxiety, parenting children with mental health struggles, to managing crises.


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Wednesdays - 6:30pm

Weekend Follow-Up

WHAT DID I JUST SING?: Experiencing Life

This week we began our “What Did I Just Sing?” series in which we take a closer look at some of your favorite worship songs. In this week’s message Senior Pastor Brian Hughes talked about the song, ‘Rattle’. In this weekend follow-up, Pastor Brian discusses how this song is filled with the message that God brings dead things to life.

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