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Membership Vote

Members are encouraged to vote here November 7-18 OR via hard copy ballot available at your campus’ Information Center on Sunday, November 10 and Sunday, November 17. Items for review include:

1. 2020 Proposed Annual Operating Budget
2. 2020 Steering Team Nominees
3. PCC Bylaws Amendments
4. Midlothian Building Construction and Related Financing
Please click the link below for the 2020 Agenda Forum Documents.

2020 Agenda Forum Documents

PCC Official Ballot - November 2019

  • (Name required to verify membership. Per PCC By-Laws, only members may vote.)
  • Member Nominees: Ben Burkhart, Stewart Brittain, Kay Fletcher, Clarence Martin, Susan Stynes, John Tiller
  • The membership authorizes the Steering Team to approve final terms and contracts up to the maximum amounts listed in the 2020 Agenda Forum Documents.
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