Who-Is-Jesus Sunday

Today at PCC, we dealt in a very simple, straight-forward way with the question: Who Is Jesus?  While there are many ways to answer this question, I only had time to explore these basic truths:

Jesus is the most compelling figure in human history.
Jesus is the Son of God.
Jesus is the perfect, once-and-for-all Sacrifice.
Jesus is Alive.

We had many powerful conversations today with people who said some version of, “That’s what I needed – I never understood before.”  I even heard from …

Spiritual Correction

The stock market has a tendency to get out of balance.  Though its foundation is the rational processing of accurate information, it often rises and falls on raw emotion.  Investors speculate about the future, fall in love with new ventures, and move with herd mentality towards unproven startups.
So, every once in a while, the market has what is called a ‘correction‘.  This happens when everyone steps back and says, “Maybe we’ve over-valued these companies.  Perhaps they’re not worth what we’re currently …

PCC’s Leadership Graduates

It’s graduation season, and many families are celebrating a high school or college senior who has completed that significant milestone and now holds an important certification, diploma or degree.  Many of us know someone who is graduating this year.
But you might not know that there is a small group of PCC’ers who are also celebrating a graduation of sorts.  This one didn’t come with formalities.  No one wore a cap & gown.  We didn’t fly in a dignitary for a commencement speech. …

It Never Gets Old

Every baptism, Beth Stoddard and I have a custom that’s kind of developed over the years.  I baptize people.  Then I move into the crowd to watch as other pastors baptize other people.  Beth does the same thing.  Each of us eventually finding a different vantage point on the same event.  We watch in silence, stunned by the privilege to be a part of such a sacred moment.

And then, after the baptizing is over and the celebration …

Plans for Reading the Bible

Today we talked about the first two critical pieces of hearing God speak:  The Bible and Prayer.  Just to offer a quick recap:
All Scripture is inspired by God and is useful to teach us what is true and to make us realize what is wrong in our lives. It corrects us when we are wrong and teaches us to do what is right. God uses it to prepare and equip his people to do every good work. (2 Timothy 3:16-17, …

Not a Fan is Not so Fun

Today I coined a new phrase: Not a Fan is Not so Fun.
This series is defining. Someone’s life is going to change. Many people, in fact. I’ve gotten affirming communiques from long time followers of Jesus and many conversations with casual seekers and fans – all of whom are moved by the series and are thinking about making a new commitment – some for the first time, others a commitment to move from fan to follower.
But Not a Fan is …

Why Change Our Name and Why Passion?

The big announcement at PCC on Sunday was the changing of the ‘P’.  I want to be sure everyone understands why this was necessary and the process we went through.
I sat in the living room of my house in the summer of 2002. There were a handful of people gathered there. We were going to start a new church and I pitched the name, “New Life Community Church” (very few people know this!).  I don’t know if you’ve ever tried …

Let’s Shrink the Church

Jesus wasn’t just a compelling figure.  He was also a repelling figure.  When people first heard about Jesus, they heard what He could do for them.  They were compelled to meet him and learn more.
But Jesus also repelled people away from him.  After a person would draw near to him, Jesus would challenge them to sacrifice, change, give up their plans, serve others, defy man-made traditions, lay down their life.  He didn’t let them off the hook or tell them that …

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